Recipe for the Perfect Family Portraits

family portraitsFamily portraits just seem to be the right thing to complete a family. A properly taken picture is worth all the time and effort that each family member put to come to the studio. To honor the people who’ve spent their time coming and the person who spent his time searching and booking for a schedule, the photographer has to be able to deliver the best results.

The ‘material’ to a perfect family portrait isn’t complicated, but it truly differs with each family because they have their own characteristics.

Be a family acquaintance

It’s not easy to always try to be the new friend of your client. However, this is a very important part of the session mainly because you need to be able to direct and really let them release themselves. Some people are apparent about expressing themselves in front of people they just knew. Hitting it up from the beginning can really help with your photography session.

You shouldn’t miss the chance to know about the family from the person that booked with you. Simple questions like how many children or how many siblings he has will definitely help you to imagine how the family looks like.

Start small

A family portrait can be pretty overwhelming for those who aren’t used to the job. If it’s a big family portrait that consists of three generations, you’ll most definitely not know what to do. So, start with a small one.

It would be preferable if you have a background in a portrait, such as baby photography like before expanding to family portraits. They are much easier as you only need to focus on one subject. In most baby and newborn sessions, you also have to take several family pictures.

Whenever you are in a consultation, always be frank that you’re still learning much but willing to give your best to them. And let the latter be the truth.

Formal and fun

Start with the formal pictures. You know, the one where everybody lines up in Victorian style. It’s almost like a tradition to get the pictures of everyone in a proper manner. After that, the fun.

The family has their own… tradition. The games they like to play, the activities that just cannot be get rid of the family, or even their style of clothing that is very unique. You can take these pictures outdoor in a place where it’s completely free and spacious for them to do it.

Family pictures don’t have the ones where people line up and jump on the count 3. That’s old and everyone else does that. Make it something different and unique to the family. It has to be something that really represents people of that last name. And also, something that they want to keep for a really long time and pass down to their future generations.

As long as you have the passion

We can see that a lot of photographers aren’t as passionate as they were. It causes them to compromise on what they do and leads to dissatisfied customers. This can truly affect the family portraits you provide and eventually, problems will arise.

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