Shooting in Dark Environment

wedding photographer SurreyOne of the biggest challenges a wedding photographer Surrey face is shooting in a dark environment. It takes a lot of effort to not light up the whole place with your lighting kit. Although that can sometimes create an amazing view to take pictures from, you still have to come up with numerous ideas to take more pictures with.

And we are here to help you shoot all sorts of the dark environment; dark outdoor pictures, dark reception room, and nighttime wedding photography.

Light-painting photography

This is a unique idea that you can try. Light-painting plays with creativity and clients can come up with unique ideas and shapes to paint. There’s also the fact that you can use the different light source to paint. The internet is also filled with inspirations and tools to choose from. Many professional photographer posts tutorials on how to do light-painting photography. We’d like to post a quick tutorial here for you, too.

Get a firm tripod. This is important in making sure that the shape of the light-painting does not get blurry.

Set camera at long exposure. This is the most important part of light-painting photography. Long exposure allows light to get dragged and creates shape.

Get a flashlight or anything that shines. It’s time to get creative. Draw whatever shape you want. Check on your camera and see how it turns out. Practice a few times to get a perfect shape of it and to get used to drawing with light.

Find outdoor light

If the street is getting dark, it’s the time for street lamps to shine. Many shops will also turn on their outdoor lights and these can be beautiful to capture. Capturing images under these lights can be mesmerizing. Shooting wedding pictures on a street when you usually walk one can become very different.

Setting your lighting kit way before the party starts

In a reception room, things get hard to see a moment after it starts as the light starts to get dimmer. This means you have to be ready for it by setting your speedlights and lighting kit on strategic spots to light the place up. This early preparation will make a difference in the pictures that you’ll get.

Set exposure to a little longer to make sure that when you flash your subjects, they will be lighted up equally. This long exposure won’t make things brighter than they already are. It simply eliminated the probability of black hole effect showing up.

Black silhouette

Sunset is a time where things get shadowy because the sun is shining too brightly and all you can see are black silhouettes. Proceed to take silhouette pictures of your clients by letting the lens to be overexposed by the sun. Shooting the sunset directly with the pair in a romantic pose creates a gorgeous picture.

Shoot in a bright indoor

If the outdoor is too dark, then move inside to shoot indoor pictures. Denise Winter Photography is a wedding photographer Surrey who doesn’t let darkness stop them from taking pictures. If you can’t do it outside, do it inside.

Or, have the pair stand close to the window of a bright room and shoot from outside of the building.

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