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What to Prepare for Your First Baby Photography Session

baby photographyIf you have never worked as a baby photographer before, you must be nervous thinking about what you have to prepare. Sure, you have the gist of what’s going to happen and roughly what you need for a baby photography session. But let us help you get into the details of those things.

And let’s start with preparing yourself!

Practice and Research

These are the two important things that you need to do to ensure that you are ready to face your clients and mentally prepared to work. What are the poses that you will use? Have you established your own ideas of what kind of pictures you want to capture?

Practice makes perfect and it’s very true for beginners especially. If you’ve never officially worked as a photographer before, practice those shots with a small item and do your research on what other people are doing.

Prepare your equipment

Do you have everything needed for the session? A camera with one additional lighting equipment (or a reflector) is usually enough for a baby photography session. Especially if you are still trying out to see if this is the job that you want and don’t want to put too much investment into it. A camera and a second lighting equipment are two things that you need.

Make sure they work. As in, don’t check your equipment when you’re about to go there, but the day before. You cannot make your clients waste their time after they have adjusted their schedule just to be able to make it to the session.

Take it seriously

Even if you are still not sure about the job, you can’t use that as an excuse to slack off or be half-hearted while working on it. Sue Kennedy is a professional baby photographer and has provided hundreds of baby photography sessions. Even she herself had doubts, but she gave her best on every one of them because only then can she know if that’s the job she’s meant for.

Research on everything you need to be careful of when working with babies. Know what kind of style is trending lately and what props you should use. Consult with your clients regarding what they want to see in their baby pictures. It’s easier to find out what the client wants rather than trying to think of one hard by yourself.

Do you enjoy it?

The most important question throughout the things that you do is that if you enjoy them. Do you enjoy taking pictures of babies? If there are things that you couldn’t perfect for the first time, that’s not an issue. We all get better in times. But the real question is if you like what you are doing. Not knowing what to do is an issue that will be resolved in time.

In fact, if you like the job, you will easily solve the issue and get back on your feet with even better photography skills. After you work on one or more baby photography sessions, decide if you like it or not. If you do, continue to make even more investment in the job.

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