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What Are All These Types of Wedding Photography?

documentary wedding photographerThere are various types of wedding photography and each of them has their own pros. No cons?

Well, if you ask us the cons of art, there is none. Art is beautiful in the eye of the beholder. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t.

We’ll help you understand what a documentary wedding photographer to what fine art is.

The journalist style

Journalism style of wedding photography focuses on capturing the scene as they unfold. It focuses on telling the story of the day without being intrusive to the party. Its other name is reportage or documentary.

This style takes a picture in a very natural sort of way. The story also focuses on being timeless, that is why you see a lot of photographers take reportage pictures in black and white color. It’s not the rule, but it tends to happen.

Journalism style is great in that you can look through your album and it feels as if you are reading a very beautiful love story. Because the process doesn’t ask you to do what you have to do, it is really natural in result with no scenes being fake. Of course, the photographers will still get some posed pictures outside the event around the venue. But even here, you will see the photographer trying to get you engaged in something to make it natural.

An example of a documentary wedding photographer is www.alijayphotography.com. You can see how some of the pictures look as if they were taken out of a movie; very real-life as if the photographer is invisible.

The fine art touch

Other groups of wedding photographers like to take pictures in fine art style. If reportage focuses on the story, fine art loves to focus on the visual quality of the pictures. It has to bear a mix of matching colors with the couple posing at the right moment. Fine art is all about visual.

Photographers of this line of photography actually tend to also make use of reportage in their work, but they also want those pictures to look perfect. To do this, the photographer can sometimes chime in to tell the clients to look this way or the guests to laugh that way.

Fine art itself did not mean the general visual beauty we have. Back then, it is a very contemporary style where the photographer will make use of anything as the canvas to ‘draw’ and capture the picture. In wedding photography, it slowly gets adapted to the visual beauty that tends to look vintage or ‘natural’. If you want it put simply, it is a style that pretty much focuses on everything in the frame being beautiful and perfect.

There can be other photography styles that exist out there. In reality, no one photographer bears similar skills. Even every documentary wedding photographer has their own style that makes them different from each other. Perspective is something unique that you can only choose from one photographer and you want to choose that carefully!

Hope this guide helps you understand the differences between wedding photography styles!

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Prepping For Wedding Photography

documentary wedding photographerWhether you are the wedding photographer in charge of taking photos or the bride who will get her photos taken, it is important that you prepare for your wedding photography. One must not take wedding photography lightly. It isn’t simple standing in front of a camera and posing or standing behind it and snapping a picture. Wedding photography involves a lot of time, energy and dedication from both parties in order to make the whole ordeal a success. People involve in the wedding photography must buck and prepare themselves for the lengthy and rigorous process of wedding photography. Prepping for a wedding photography is simple enough. Follow these tips and your wedding photography will pass by like a cool summer breeze.

Prepare comfy clothes and footwear which is appropriate for the location.

If you are planning your wedding photography at the lake, it would be better to ditch the five inch stilettos for a pair of worn out sneakers. Wedding photographers have to be in clothes that allow them to move without effort. Getting those amazing angles may entail having to wade in the muddy water or lay flat on the dirty ground. Your expensive designer clothing may not be the best choice when doing wedding photography. Stick to your inexpensive t-shirts and cargo pants. For the couple who will be the subject of the shoot, have comfy clothing at the ready. For the bride, have your flip flops by your side. Walking up a mountain terrain in heels will be the death of your legs. Death by heels doesn’t sound that promising. Prepare snacks too.

Wedding photography requires spending a lot of energy.

You need some restore the energy you lost. Having a sandwich nearby will be a lifesaver when doing a wedding shoot. Have refreshment too. Posing or taking photos can leave one famish and you don’t want to faint on the job. Plus, having food can be great motivation to do a shoot. Another preparation you should make is a back-up plan. This is very important for wedding photography outside of a studio. Some reports are not one hundred percent accurate. Have a plan A up to Z so you won’t waste precious time when the universe decides to make it rain cats and dogs. Talk to your documentary wedding photographer about these contingency plans beforehand.

Prepare poses ahead of time.

This applies both to the documentary wedding photographer and client. Don’t go to a shoot unprepared with no plans. It would be ideal if you coordinate with your wedding photographer about the plans you have in mind for the shoot. If you have a concept or pose in mind, don’t be shy to discuss it with your wedding photographer. Practice these poses in front of a mirror when you are alone, this would help you a lot when you are trying to decide which pose suits you best. This will save you and your documentary wedding photographer time since he won’t have to spend a lot of time directing your arms to the right position for the shoot. Being prepared for anything is the key in surviving wedding photography. If you need a little help in that area, documentary wedding photographer (www.mcbweddings.com) will turn out to be a great option.

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