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Indian Wedding Photography: Things to Tell your Photographer

indian wedding photographyBeing presented with a different culture of the same event requires adaptation and learning. That means it’s necessary for you who are going to celebrate your wedding in your culture to know the important things to tell your photographer for a smooth Indian wedding photography process.

For professionals, the basic things like taking pictures of the bride and the groom with the family are mandatory. But certain traditions, such as when to come, who to look for and what will happen are better explained clearly to your photographer before proceeding.

How much does your photographer know?

Ask your photographer first to see how much he knows about the culture and celebration. Some are pretty experienced, and thus, understands certain elements in the party. They don’t need many explanations on the basic culture, except for the ones that are specific to your people. If you plan to do your celebration very traditionally that is.

Engage in a friendly discussion and set aside enough amount of time to talk about it,


The first thing that westerners will find very different is the time allocation. Westerners respect the time that is stated on the invitation card and will arrive on or before the time. But with Indian weddings, that’s not always the case. The party cannot start before everybody arrives, which can be up to 2 hours late. This is actually common in not just Indian, but also a lot of eastern cultures. You still need to inform this.

But the case is different if you got yourself a real Indian and professional Indian wedding photography like www.sukhichandi.com. He understands and wouldn’t need many explanations to be done. You can immediately jump into the main issue and immediately address your concerns.


Next, it’s actually important to tell your photographer firsthand if you have hired other experts. It’s only a matter of culture and to them, it’s important that they are informed they are not the only photographer in the event.

This is because if they meet people who do the same thing, but are not familiar with, it’ll create a big chaos in doing their job. They’ll often clash and probably argue to steal a strategic spot to get the pictures.

Inform your photographer directly

As in, don’t let anyone else, but you or your future partner to inform the photographers of changes or requests. For photographers, listening to other people who are not directly involved in the celebration is the same thing with invalid requests. There’s no telling if that’s something that you want.

On the other hand, you can also inform on the first meeting immediately that at times, your parents will be making requests and it’s completely okay to agree or call back to you immediately to make sure of it.

Avoiding misunderstandings and explaining things ahead of time like this make big changes in how your Indian wedding photography is going to end up like. You don’t know if problems will happen and prevention is simply the best step to tackle them. Respecting each other’s culture and making things clear will prevent offensive remarks or actions from being made and creating awkward situations.

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