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Wedding Photography Professional Tips for Beginners

natural wedding photographyHow many times a day during a wedding do you wish you had prepared and known what is going to happen before? Everything happens fast in a wedding and many of them are unexpected. Neither you or your clients know what was going to happen and you were still expected to be able to take great shots. Of course, you wonder how many professionals managed to pull the tricks. Natural wedding photography is harder than it seems; how can everything just seem so perfect at the right time?

Preparation is key

We don’t predict the future. None of us can, not even the weather forecaster as they occasionally miss. But, we can prepare for it.

Bring extra props

Most couples and coordinators have all the props they need for the photo shoot session and the wedding. But, it’s always reassuring to bring your own props. In case something goes wrong, someone forgets, you know that you’re going to be the hero that saves the day.

Props: Hangers, ring box, photo frames with quotes, or some simple DIYs.

Bring extra memory cards

Well, it’s never enough. Depending on how you work, you will need more or fewer memory cards than other photographers. But, since that you will possibly be snapping as many pictures as you can when an important scene happens in front of you, you want to capture several pictures without having to worry about deleting some on the spot just to make space for later.

Discuss in detail

Talk about the things that they want to see in the wedding album. And we’re not talking about a long ass list of things to shoot. It’s the specific requests; like that unique post the bride wants to do with her best friend, the things that only the grooms do with his crazy friends and so on. You are a professional wedding photographer, so obviously, you don’t talk about whether or not to take do the obvious things like taking pictures of the bouquet.

Attending the rehearsal or visiting the venue

Whenever you are unsure, always make the extra trip. You will also be in luck if your clients invite you to their rehearsal dinner. Unless you are a pro, there is less likely anyone who will hire you to shoot somewhere far. Assuming the place is within a reasonable distance, go.

If you are not invited, Google, search and visit the place. Don’t make your first visit during the wedding day, as you will definitely have no idea of where the best spots are and how you should pose your clients.

Wedding ceremony manners

Talk to the officiant

Churches have different regulations regarding the prohibitions during the ceremony, so it’s best that you and your clients know what is and what isn’t allowed. Some prohibit the photographer from taking any pictures, so make sure that no one is going to be in your way once pictures are allowed.

No-disturb mode

The sound of the shutter clicking is going to be disturbing as everyone’s quietly observing when the two flesh becomes one. You’d want to set it into silent mode or lower the sound as much as possible. Although, some cameras do not have the mode to keep it quiet, and this should be your consideration whenever buying a camera (but shouldn’t top off the more important aspects like pictures quality, ISO, and useful modes).

Wedding party

Keep your eye open

Aside from the important session, such as cut the cake and bouquet throwing, keep your eyes peeled for those surprises. Friends are just interesting in that way. They’ll do things unexpected and it is up to you to capture the moments. This is one of the essences of natural wedding photography.

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How To Book A Natural Wedding Photographer The Right Way

It is challenging and laborious.

natural wedding photographyChoosing a natural wedding photographer for you to book will turn out to be not as easy as you would initially think it out to be from its conception. Natural wedding photography is actually so much more challenging and so much more laborious than the rest of the other photography styles in the market. You need to really have a sense of urgency and priority when you are looking for a natural wedding photographer to hire because you don’t really have too much time. There are so many things that you will need to go through with in order for you to find this natural wedding photographer who will be perfect for you and for all of your needs at the end of the day.

Look for someone who has the background to boot.

You should really make sure that you get to review the reputation as well as the rest of the previous works of the natural wedding photographer that you are thinking about hiring one way or the other. You need to understand that when it all comes down to it, finding someone who is very experienced and who is very well grounded and seasoned will have a great impact on you and on what you can have all throughout the coverage of the wedding that you are trying to prep for. When you have someone who has been there in the field for the longest time running, you get to eliminate most of the stresses as well as the rest of the other anxieties that grooms and brides go through with when they are laying out plans for their weddings. You will see that this natural wedding photographer in particular has the experience and has the skill to boot. It will make the rest of your processes and other leg work that needs to be covered to much easier and smoother to go through with at the end of the day.

Connection is important.

The connection that you have with the natural wedding photographer you get to hire will turn out to be extremely important as well. You need to understand than when it all comes down to it, it will all boil down to how things are supposed to pan out between you and the photographer. You need chemistry and a certain kind of rapport in order for a setup like this to work. Natural wedding photography is something that banks greatly based off of how well the photographer knows you and your spouse so always try to hit that particular target as much as you possibly can. You can’t be complacent with something like this. If someone feels kind of off and you just don’t see the possibility of hitting things off with that particular person, there really is no reason why you should pursue a particular agreement with that said photographer at the end of the day.

If you find someone that fits all of your requirements all across the board and who jives well with your personality, then go ahead and hire this natural wedding photographer right then and there especially if the pricing and the services all work out.

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