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Challenges In Wedding Photography

wedding photographyBefore you go jump the gun and dip your hand into anything, you have to make really sure that as a photographer, you are already well aware of most of the things that usually come along with it. This is pretty much the same when you are contemplating a career in professional wedding photography. Although it is something that looks and feels nice at the surface, the fact is that there is actually so much work that comes along with it. There will also

turn out to be tons and tons of challenges for you to go head first and face before you will even get a chance of tasting success somewhere along the way. You should really brace and prepare yourself for what is coming up ahead before you finally make the decision to really jump in and go all in with the career move.

The first challenge you will face in a career in wedding photography is the issue of money.

What is usually advisable would be for you to build up a small nest egg of savings so that you have something that you can go right in and pull money from in the event of equipment purchases, upgrades, and so on. Your equipment will turn out to be your biggest expense and this will be hard because no one will really want to hire you just yet. People will want to check out what your experience is and how your portfolio looks like. This means that as a photographer, you will not have any money coming in just yet. If you can get right on and figure out a way to keep an active income source on the side, then you should go check things out and do so as much as you possibly can. You are going to need to wait out your first big break. Something like that will usually happen during a year or two after you have launched yourself as open for wedding photography business. This is why you always need to keep your options open and try to keep the money flowing as much as possible so that you don’t miss out too much on anything while you are at it.

The second challenge you will face is the aspect of establishing your networks.

If you are not the chatty type, then you will most likely have a hard time with this. You should try to understand that when it all comes down to it, your connections will really get you places. This is the main reason why you really need to establish your presence and introduce yourself to the right people all throughout the time the entire time as if you are there. Be ready to introduce yourself anytime and be ready to make your pitch anytime. Practice it as much as possible until you will get to perfect what you should try to do.

Lastly, you will most likely come across a lot of times wherein you will fail on the beginning and that’s alright.

Don’t pressure yourself too much about it. For as far as you keep working on what you have to work on, just dust yourself off and try again.

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Blog Mechanics For Every Wedding Photographer

Keep the title short

weddingA wedding photographer should not be overly wordy with the blog title. You need to understand important it is to keep the title line of your blog simple and straight to the point. Going for anything a little too wordy and convoluted might work against the SEO aspect of the wedding photography blog that you are writing up so try to go ahead and keep things simple for you and for your blog title the entire time that you are trying to work things out. There is actually a pretty simple approach to trying to compose the title of your wedding photography blog the right way. The trick there is for you to go through a 3-step process or to involve three elements in your blog title. It should make things work simply enough for you and for everything that you are trying to do when it all comes down to it. A great formula will usually have the names of the couple, the date of the wedding, and the location. You certainly couldn’t go wrong with something as simple and as minimal as this. Try to keep this in mind whenever you have something that you need to go ahead and check out when it all comes down to it.

Pay attention to the writing style.

Although it might initially feel really huge and intimidating, the task is actually something that you will be able to pull off the right way for as long as you know what you are aiming for. What is important here is that you should know who you are targeting or who you are writing for. When you know about this and what to focus on, you are making it fairly easy to check out what you should be looking out for in terms of writing styles and in terms of content. Writing will not be easy. It will require a lot of concentration and a lot of looking into when it all comes down to it. You will also need to make sure that at the end of the day, you know what you are looking out for and what you are trying to achieve. Don’t be worried if you start things slow. For as long as you are able to work things out the right way, it shouldn’t be too much trouble when it all comes down to it.

Don’t be complacent with the image layout.

The layout is something that you should seriously pay attention to because this is something that can dictate the overall emotions of people when it comes to the aspect of your blog. If you want to keep them excited and engaged all of the time, then you need a visually appeasing image layout that has a fairly seamless line of thought and concept or flow. It is very important that you figure things out as you go along. Pay attention to how the other people or how the other blogs out there are getting it done. Try to take a page out of their book. Be creative and be relentless in looking out for the best kind of image layout all of the time because it will make things work out in your favor at the end of the day.

Tag your image accordingly as a wedding photographer

This is an extra effort on your end but it will turn out to be something that can always bring in the most out of your blog from an SEO standpoint or perspective.

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This Orange County Wedding Photography Guide

wedding photographyIn this Orange County wedding photography process, you should always aim for natural light all of the time. Natural light does not require any special equipment. It takes very minimal labor and skill to get the job done the right way. Practice and play around with natural light as much as possible because this can really make your photos stand out from the rest by the end of the shoot. If you have more than enough natural light going around, there really isn’t any reason why you should be opting for artificial light. It will save you time and money during the wedding photo shoot.

Set a contract.

Get a contract set up the right way in this Orange County wedding photography niche that you are trying to establish yourself in. You need a contract no matter what happens. This is to ensure that you are protected as much as possible. People will always try to get you for what they can get you for. There are a lot of risks that come along with the aspect of shooting a wedding. You need to prepare for them as much as possible. Get the counsel of a professional contract lawyer. Although you can always come up with the rough draft, the thing is, contract law is something that exists and functions in its very own universe. You need to get things calibrated by an actual professional contract lawyer when it all comes down to it. This is not the kind of thing that you can just DIY even if you classify yourself as a fairly able and capable writer. It is always better to get things checked out on the legal side of things when it all comes down to it. Even when you are shooting events pro bono or at no actual cost that you are charging people, you still need a contract up just to protect you in case of natural disasters, health emergencies, equipment failures, and so on and so forth.

Fashion emergencies are bound to happen one way or the other.

Prepare for it as much as possible. As a wedding photographer, people look up to you as the go-to guy in case anything happens that impedes your progress in the photos that you get to take of them. It is very important for you to make sure that you are prepared for any fashion related emergencies all of the time. You don’t need to really prepare for things too much as you go along. The most basic of kits will actually get to help you out one way or the other. Get a bottle of stain remover, a basic sewing kit, and may some sticky tape and some safety pins along with some spare buttons and hooks and eyes to help your subjects out if they caught up in a clothing related emergency while you are taking photos of them. You don’t need long lasting solutions but you do need solutions that will last long enough for you to take your pictures the right way.

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This Wedding Photographer In Kent Guide

Go ahead and do it.

wedding photographyIn this wedding photographer in Kent industry, there are a few things that you will need to go ahead and keep in mind one way or the other. First up, you need to understand that backing up is the name of the game. If you don’t back your files up the right way, you are basically throwing away what you worked hard for at the end of the day. What you need to understand is that you actually toiled all day and at times even several days on end for the photos that you produced. Not backing them up the right way will put you at risk of getting on the bad side of things for as far as the clients are concerned. You need to really push for putting a safety cap on your images as much as possible. You can’t run the risk of getting sued or getting blamed for losing files and the like because this is what you do for a living. Your images are your bread and butter so try to keep that in mind all of the time. A wedding photographer should anticipate things before they actually happen so try to factor that in as well as much as possible.

Take advantage of the options.

You need to make sure that you get to take advantage of the cloud based options available in this wedding photographer in Kent industry. You can back your files up without any additional or special equipment. Cloud based drives are pretty reliable and convenient to go ahead and opt for as a professional wedding photographer. What’s so great about them is the fact that they are technically for free as well. You don’t have to spend any extra amount of money on subscriptions or memberships and the like because things should work out pretty well for you and for what you are trying to accomplish after all has been said and done. There are a lot of sites such as Google Drive and Dropbox and so on and so forth. It is all a matter of exploiting them and of making the most use of them. You can upload your files anytime and download them anytime you see fit. You don’t have to lug anything around. For as long as you have internet connection, you should be able to check things out the right way as you go along.

Make use of your dual card slot settings in your memory cards as well.

There is actually a dual card slot option in most of the DSLRs out there. There is a pretty good chance that your specific DSLR camera has one as well. Make sure that that particular setting is activated so that you will be able to go ahead and write on both memory cards at the same time. This way, if one memory card bails out on you, you always have another one to serve as your backup when it all comes down to it. Make sure that you get to look into this as much as possible.

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