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Wedding Venues In Cardiff You Should Check Out

Glyndwr Vineyard

Wedding Venues In CardiffThe thing about getting married in Cardiff is that you have so many wedding venues such as Glyndwr Vineyard to bring your wedding fantasies to life when it all comes down to it. The best part about getting married in this venue is that you actually get to have a background set amidst roughly around 6,000 vines or so. This particular vineyard in Cardiff has actually been around since 1982. The venue is owned by the original vineyard owners who initially started planting in the vineyard. It is something that is romantic and interesting to have for a wedding backdrop. You will really be able to make the most out of it by playing up the romance aspect of things in the wedding that you are planning out for you and for your special someone. The best time of the day to hold this wedding in is actually during the late afternoon, where the sun is about to set. There is something extremely intimate and emotional about things like this and you should really consider this vineyard accordingly if you want to have this checked out as a wedding venue. Exclusive access to the vineyard, the terrace looking out on the vines, and the scenic gardens and barn makes for a truly magical wedding.

Fonmon Castle

This 12 century medieval castle is bound to make all of your fairy tale fantasies come true. This wedding venue is one for the books and something that you shouldn’t pass up if you happen to have the chance to get married in Cardiff. The best part about this particular wedding venue is the fact that you actually have the option to get married here and to hold the reception party in the same place. This can save you a lot of money because the wedding venue is actually licensed to hold civil weddings. If you aren’t too keen on getting married in a church, then this is something that you should consider. For flexibility, you also have the option to get married in a church and hold the reception party here instead. Ever since the 12th century, the castle has only changed owners once. What this means is that you will be catered to and taken care of by the descendants of the original owners. There is something very authentic and very historic about that and it is bound to fascinate and interest you in all of the right ways while you are at it.

Coed-y-Mwstwr Hotel

This Victorian mansion still has all of its original architecture intact so you know for a fact that you are actually getting something that is authentic and something that is well worth looking at for as far as wedding venues are concerned or are talked about. This is privately owned so you are guaranteed to really get specialized service the entire time that you are there. If you book this as your wedding venue, you will gain access to about 17 acres of rolling woodland as well. It is the perfect woodlands theme if you want to take your wedding to that direction.

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