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Shooting in Dark Environment

wedding photographer SurreyOne of the biggest challenges a wedding photographer Surrey face is shooting in a dark environment. It takes a lot of effort to not light up the whole place with your lighting kit. Although that can sometimes create an amazing view to take pictures from, you still have to come up with numerous ideas to take more pictures with.

And we are here to help you shoot all sorts of the dark environment; dark outdoor pictures, dark reception room, and nighttime wedding photography.

Light-painting photography

This is a unique idea that you can try. Light-painting plays with creativity and clients can come up with unique ideas and shapes to paint. There’s also the fact that you can use the different light source to paint. The internet is also filled with inspirations and tools to choose from. Many professional photographer posts tutorials on how to do light-painting photography. We’d like to post a quick tutorial here for you, too.

Get a firm tripod. This is important in making sure that the shape of the light-painting does not get blurry.

Set camera at long exposure. This is the most important part of light-painting photography. Long exposure allows light to get dragged and creates shape.

Get a flashlight or anything that shines. It’s time to get creative. Draw whatever shape you want. Check on your camera and see how it turns out. Practice a few times to get a perfect shape of it and to get used to drawing with light.

Find outdoor light

If the street is getting dark, it’s the time for street lamps to shine. Many shops will also turn on their outdoor lights and these can be beautiful to capture. Capturing images under these lights can be mesmerizing. Shooting wedding pictures on a street when you usually walk one can become very different.

Setting your lighting kit way before the party starts

In a reception room, things get hard to see a moment after it starts as the light starts to get dimmer. This means you have to be ready for it by setting your speedlights and lighting kit on strategic spots to light the place up. This early preparation will make a difference in the pictures that you’ll get.

Set exposure to a little longer to make sure that when you flash your subjects, they will be lighted up equally. This long exposure won’t make things brighter than they already are. It simply eliminated the probability of black hole effect showing up.

Black silhouette

Sunset is a time where things get shadowy because the sun is shining too brightly and all you can see are black silhouettes. Proceed to take silhouette pictures of your clients by letting the lens to be overexposed by the sun. Shooting the sunset directly with the pair in a romantic pose creates a gorgeous picture.

Shoot in a bright indoor

If the outdoor is too dark, then move inside to shoot indoor pictures. Denise Winter Photography is a wedding photographer Surrey who doesn’t let darkness stop them from taking pictures. If you can’t do it outside, do it inside.

Or, have the pair stand close to the window of a bright room and shoot from outside of the building.

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In-Depth Images Every Wedding Photographer Should Offer

wedding photographer surreyAfter reading through basics and beginners tips, you as a wedding photographer is getting the grasp of what encompasses wedding photography. After the basic, it’s time to define your style and how you should market yourself to your clients and customers.

Many photographers are not good marketers. It’s due to the fact that these passionate people always had little to say about themselves, but so many things to capture at the same time. If that’s how it is with you, keep reading on.

Let your pictures speak for you

Pictures should define you. What you show as portfolios and in your online gallery should represent your perspectives on the wedding. You can either mention your main style or not, such as fine art, contemporary or relaxed. Some photographers rather not as they don’t their clients to see them as wedding photographer Surrey that limits their creativity.

It’s important that you show pictures of different perspectives. Use pictures from the various venue, clients, and weather condition you’ve been to. This way you will be able to show that you have experienced various conditions and is able to tackle any problems that may come towards your clients.


You definitely have come upon numerous wedding photographer that calls them as a reportage photographer. As a matter of fact, reportage can be seen as a must. Wedding photography cannot be compiled if you are unable to capture each precious moment in the event. Your clients will definitely, undoubtedly, need you to be there whenever a mini milestone in the party is reached.

Which is why you should develop your photojournalism skills further. One of the reasons why wedding album becomes a treasure to its bearer is that it invokes feelings and memories of the party when seen. Chronically arranged pictures enhance this effect.

Talk about your life

When it is hard to sweet talk and write about how you can deliver exquisite pictures and brag about your achievements (or when you haven’t had any), talk about your life. Start with when you realized your photography passion. Continue with the first time you had a camera. And then onwards to when you established your photography business.

Realistic, original storytelling of yourself shows honesty, a quality that people search for people as well as pictures. The more you stick to staying true to oneself, the better.

After all, anyone can use words to call themselves the best, but few can honestly talk about themselves.

Understanding photography

Although this should be your basic, in case that you haven’t encountered and realized this. Are you able to tell others why photography is so much better than video? Why should one never skip wedding photography?

Every photographer has their own take on photography and its beauty. Some view the momentum that one photographer uses is amazing in solidifying the beauty of a piece of photography. For others, photography is a way to create thousands of stories because a single image can tell different stories depending on the onlookers.

Being able to spell out your opinion will convince your customers that you are serious. You are determined to realize those words and that you will do your best to show them that your photography skills cannot be compared to another type of media.

Charlie Campey Photography is founded by a wedding photographer Surrey based. He loves taking pictures but shies away when asked about himself. His works, though, are a depiction of who he is and full of stories beyond words. This is someone that every photographer can learn from.

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Real Experts Tips When Looking For Wedding Photographers

wedding photographers SurreyI am sure out there, somewhere, you have stumbled upon multiple articles and forums talking about how they give great advices and tips about how you can get the best out of your wedding photographers Surrey which mostly are actually myths and fictions. But, fear no more, for we are here to give you the truth behind those myths!

Look no further and in less than 10 minutes you will have 6 expert tips regarding wedding photographers Surrey.

Burn that ‘shot’ list

Photographers are what they are because they are the expert in what they can do. That includes knowing where and what to shoot for the whole time they are working for you. If it’s me, I’d rather let the photographer do what they are most skilled in and chime in only when I have a really important, special shot that I want, such as a certain pose that only me and my significant one understand or with my friends. Other than that, he is going to know better than you and will make you look fabulous even if you are the opposite of what people call photogenic.

Group shot is easy, shouldn’t take that much time… right?

Have you ever even count the actual time needed to organize, herd, and assemble the whole crew into a single frame without them messing around, chatting around and running around for whatever reasons they could have? It can take more than half an hour for a typical group shot of 15 people. The more people involved, the longer it takes. And time still ticks even when the photographer just stand there waiting for everybody to gather. Your precious hours you’ve paid would be wasted. Many wedding photographers Surrey strongly suggest that appointing a coordinator for group shot can get things organized much faster.

Because he’s an expert, it’s not even necessary to explain to him what I want.

He’s an expert in photography, not astrology or even some kind of a psychic that can read your mind. He can only go as far as telling you the style he has and shows you his previous works and by then, he will ask what you think about it. If you just agree and let him guess the rest of what you want, you are going to face surprises with your wedding album, for better or worse.

Both him and you need to schedule appointments to talk about your wedding party, yourself and your partner, how it is going to proceed, where, when, season and any particular style or color that you both love. These all will help the photographer a lot in deciding the kind of photos he imagines will appear and how to maximize the beauty.

I’ve seen the portfolio and I love it.

Yeah, of course, you will also love most of the portfolios that wedding photographers present you on your initial meeting. In fact, it’s the best of their works and you are probably stunned by some of the beauty. But, that is not always the case. They are showing you their best, not their true skills. By chance, those pictures may come out better, but in general, everybody has their usual level of work. So look at more of what they have done and make your decision after. Only then you will know that you won’t be disappointed with what you will get, just because it won’t make it to their portfolio.

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