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Wedding Photographers in Bournemouth – Top 4 Backdrops              

It cannot be denied that the city of Bournemouth and its surroundings serve as home to a lot of beautiful locations that can serve as wedding venues. If there is one thing a photographer might not have influence on when it comes to a wedding setting, it is the location chosen by the wedding couple but any photographer worth his salt would know how to make lemons from lemonade. Since the choice of wedding venue is not up to you as a wedding photographer, the choice or use of backdrop is definitely something that you can control.

Before going into details on the best type of textures in the Bournemouth locale, it is important to understand what counts as an effective background for wedding photography. To be general in this context, a good wedding background is one that does not take away from the subject of the picture nor does it make it boring. Using a background that hints at a romantic connection is a good way to represent the underlying theme of the wedding. To better help in the process of getting quality wedding photographs, the following are wedding backdrops that wedding photographers Bournemouth from Robin Goodland Photography make use of.


There are parks and gardens aplenty in the Bournemouth locale and most wedding venues have these in droves so it can definitely be said that wedding photographers are spoilt for choice. When making use of flowers in the background, the photographer has to take care to place them out of focus so as not to distract the eye of the viewer from the wedding couple as a subject. A nice touch to the wedding picture would be having the bride’s bouquet match the colors of the surrounding flowers.

Sea and Sky

The blues of the sea and sky in the Bournemouth locale is quite eye catching and this is what makes them a good option for a wedding backdrop. The good thing about this backdrop is that it the beauty of it is not debated by the type of photography style used as shooting it in RAW still serves up the same beauty as when making use of the reportage style. Any other editing can be done in the post production of the pictures as RAW will ensure that the colors of the sky and sea are well highlighted.


There are a lot of urban features in the architecture of the Bournemouth locale and this can serve as a good background for wedding pictures. For the couple looking to have edgier or grittier features in their picture, the graffiti wall close to 60 million postcards is one backdrop that delivers on all counts.

Geometry and Color

On the Bournemouth and Boscombe piers, you have an array of colored beach huts in between that can form a rainbow which adds warmth to any picture. The geometry of these huts gives great lead-in lines for pictures as having the wedding couple walk along the promenade with the huts as a backdrop makes for a beautiful picture.

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