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Things You Need To Detail In Your Sussex Wedding Photographer Contracts


Be very specific about what the cost for your services.

wedding photographyMake sure that it is explicitly detailed or expressed in the wedding photographer contract. Whenever your clients ask you for the overall costs of your professional wedding photographer services, say it outright and then proceed to include the details or the inclusions of the services. Even if the price may turn out to be atrociously high at first, it is something that your clients will be able to understand once you get to the point of breaking things down for them. Explain the number of man hours that you are putting in, how many people you are bringing along, additional equipment that you needed to procure for that particular event, factor in the gas, factor in the time of travel, and so on and so forth.

Spare no details when you are breaking down the items on why you have managed to finally arrive at that particular final cost but make sure that you give them the final cost regardless. Don’t cringe from the price either. Chances are, once you have deducted all of the overhead costs and all of the other extra expenses, you won’t have a lot to run with. Include the actual overall price in your contract and make sure that it is stated clearly. Try not to state any other amounts aside from the overall price as it can cause confusion somewhere along the way.

Include the terms of payment.

Make it a point to include the terms of payment that you would like to lay down for your clients as a Sussex wedding photographer. This is just so that you can clear things out ahead of time and so that the clients know exactly what kind of timeline they will be working with for your payment. Ideally, most of the wedding photographers out there require a deposit of about 50% of the total cost of their services as a “show of good faith” and as a way to hold the clients down as well. It can be difficult for them to turn back and cancel on you without any good or viable reason other than the fact that they just happened to change their minds. This is not how things work in the real world and you need to make sure that you get to protect yourself as well as your business from instances like those as much as possible. Write up a clause in the contract about that as well. Once you have cleared out your schedule for the clients, they should follow through on what was agreed upon. Otherwise, you should be well within your rights to keep the deposit in the event that they go ahead and cancel.

Include the turnaround time for your final finished photos.

Make sure that your clients know exactly what the final photos will be delivered. Work your hardest to make sure that you get to meet that deadline or perhaps even submit your photos way ahead of time. This is a great way for you to really impress your clients and for you to establish your particular brand of service to them as a professional wedding photographer. These days, word can travel fast and this is something that can be really good for business, especially if your clients take the time to rave about you.

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