Wedding Photography Tips to Get Better Pictures

Indian wedding photographyWhen shooting under various environment, you need to be prepared to adjust accordingly. EverythingBristol wedding photographers need to know when faced with the usual weather changes such as rain, is here.

Always prepare yourself

It’s important that no matter what will happen, you remain prepared for the day. The basic, at least, is to know how the venue looks like. You need to visit the place yourself and test shoot a couple of times to find the right angle and position to take the pictures.

Afterward, you prepare in case that things change and adjustments have to be made. Will you need an umbrella or extra lighting? How will you handle it when the place gets too dark? Are there any other places that you can take pictures of if the ones you planned won’t work for some reasons?


When it rains, it’s time for the photographer to take out some umbrellas, wear a coat and groan as you begin to get wet under the heavy weather. It’s challenging to try to scream the direction in the midst of rain and you have to be quick unless you want you and your clients to get wet.

That’s right, the first thing you need to always have at the back of your car is an umbrella. Make it plural, so bring more than one and at least in black, white or transparent. These are the usual colors that will fit in with any couple in usual wedding dress and suit. The use can depend on your style and creativity. An umbrella’s purpose doesn’t have to always shield you from the rain.

Among Bristol wedding photographers, one from frequently uses an umbrella in her photography session. Sometimes it’s raining, but sometimes, it’s only for show. It has to remain natural, of course, with no artificial rain. If you want to incorporate umbrella still, practice the shoots first before trying them on your clients.


In the dark, barely anything can be captured. High ISO makes a lot of noise, flash tends to create a black hole and cause the background to grow darker, while long exposure will create a blurry image. Dark places are typically the ones you want to avoid.

However, wedding pictures that are taken amazingly in the dark always create an ambiance that is unexplainable. You don’t know why, but when you look at the pictures, they suck you in. You can be sure that your client will love what they see. The challenge lies in how much you need to light up.

There’s no need to try to light up the whole place in the dark. Creating an illusion is most effective when viewers can’t see that clearly and therefore, forge the image themselves to see something they want. Use that theory into your work.

Lighting can be used to the minimum just to show the silhouette of the couple. There are photographers who try to light the couple from behind with a light, but it sometimes shows on the picture. When you take pictures, don’t let the source of artificial light prepared by you saw (streetlamps or outdoor lamps from the venue are okay).

These two conditions are usually the worst kind of situations Bristol wedding photographers face. Even through years of experience, there’s always a chance that it won’t work as well when it rains and everything grow darker. But if you’ve at least prepared, you can do something about it.

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