What’s Documentary and Why You’ll Want It

documentary wedding photographerDocumentary wedding photography is a style that many photographers use nowadays. It is also one of the most loved styles by brides due to the candid and natural tone of the pictures. That is why many people look for a documentary wedding photographer when they want someone to capture their day.

What is a documentary and why would you want to hire one with that skill? Find out here.

The story of your life

The wedding photography style that captures the day as events unfold naturally throughout the day is called a documentary. The photographer has no part in how the pictures turn out – he remains the invisible guy with a camera. Many photographers of this style will say that they use the fly-on-the-wall approach while they work to ensure maximum comfort for you and the guests as well as high-quality pictures.

The photographer has the job to capture every each moment and only then, can call his collections as a documentary of your wedding. That is why it is rightly so to call the resulting album a storybook of sorts.

To make sure that a documentary style photography can be executed perfectly, you need to provide the itinerary of the day to your photographer. It’s important to let him know what will happen in advance because he needs to position himself correctly and reserve the perfect place to capture the moment. This style needs the photographer to be prepared for what’s to come.

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A story you will never forget

A lot of couples love documentary style due to how it captures their wedding day in such a dramatic, but still natural perspective. It certainly captures the moment and sentiment that we all love. The photographer doesn’t miss a thing and no one hates having their pictures captured when they didn’t even know there’s a photographer there!

The pictures are also captured in a beautiful candid way. They are often presented in a black & white mode that gives it an elegant and nostalgic mood. You can turn back your wedding album ten years from now and you will feel like you are brought back to your wedding day. Although it’s a common edit, it does not mean that all your pictures will be in black & white, too!

The collection will be full of your wedding day without a thing missed. You will be able to relive the day as if you walk down the aisle again with your father in your hand. As you flip through your wedding album, you will feel as if it was yesterday when you took those pictures!

As you can see, documentary style is a rather beautiful concept that requires the skills of a professional documentary wedding photographer. It allows you to look at your own wedding like an observer and captures the best moment without editing or scripted look. The photographer works hard to find the best position to capture them and won’t disturb the guests at all, allowing them to enjoy the party.

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